Watch This Space: Turn Your Smartphone/Tablet into HVAC Measuring & Monitoring Instruments

Maintaining a safe, operational boiler room involves the careful monitoring of numerous elements of the combustion process. Now the latest technology is making this job even easier and more efficient, with devices that work in concert with your smartphone and/or home computer.

We at Pronto expect that this list will grow exponentially in the near future, and so we’ll be adding relevant manufacturers and products, here, as they come onto the market.

Presently at the forefront of this developing trend is Testo, and we stock their featured models with this capacity: 510i, 905i, 805i, 410i, 405i, 605i.

  • Testo 510 i – Differential Pressure Measuring Instrument
  • Testo 905 i – Thermometer
  • Testo 805 i – Infrared Thermometer
  • Testo 410 i – Vane Anemometer
  • Testo 405 i – Thermal Anemometer
  • Testo 605 i – Thermohygrometer