NYC Outdoor Dining Safety Product Solutions

As part of NYC’s Recovery Agenda and the “Open Restaurants” program, NYC officials have recently released safety guidance on heating outdoor spaces, and for establishments using propane and/or natural gas, we have the products to help our customers fulfill all requirements…

In stock! Overhaul & Safety Supplies

We’re stocked up with all of the essential boiler room overhaul products, plus new shipments of personal protection safety gear… Visit any of our store locations to get the key supplies that you need. Cleaning Agents * Paints * Belts * Filters * Face Masks * Gloves * Hand Sanitizer  

COVID-19 Revised Store Operations

The health and safety of our staff and customers is a top priority for us, and as such, we are making some adjustments to our normal routines, until the Covid-19 crisis is resolved. These changes include: To minimize your time at the counter, please contact us ahead of time, to discuss product availability, place an […]

In Case of Emergency – ProntoHelp247

In 2012 Superstorm Sandy wreaked havoc and destruction up and down the U.S. Northeast Coast, devastating significant sections of New York City and Long Island. The property damage was historic, and as the epic storm surge flooded streets, tunnels, subway lines and boiler rooms, millions were left without power, heat or hot water just as […]